At the end of the 8th century the islands were ready to receive a new invasion. Then came the Vikings, who ransacked the Christian monasteries to enrich themselves and left everything in chaos, also linguistic, behind their backs. All words that start with th originated in the Nordic language, such as thrust, thrift, they, there and then, and many words that begin with sk, like skirt, sky, skill and skin also share the same origin. The Vikings helped all those languages come into contact in the different territories

Why is English spelling so crazy and inconsistent?

Why is it so difficult to write English well? It seems that his spelling inconsistency goes back to his busy story, we tell you here!

English spelling is a sensitive subject. The first time my English teacher wrote "through" on the board, I had to memorize how to write it on one hand, and how to pronounce it on the other. Soon I had to start dealing with homophones (1) such as seen / scene, hear / here, or with heteronyms (2) as lead / lead or present/ present.


The history of English orthography

In the eleventh century an important change took place, when William the Conqueror changed the language of the elites to the Anglo-Norman, a dialect of northern France. Jury, clerk, justice are just some of the ten thousand words that were already used in the fourteenth century. Parliament was another, after all, parler is "speaking" in French.

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